Sunday, December 14, 2014

Marshmallow Challenge and What We Learned

I heard about The Marshmallow Challenge at Region 5 Edcamp last year and knew I wanted to do it! Honestly I got a little excited at the thought of shoving as many marshmallows in my mouth as I could while chanting "chubby bunny" like we used to at youth camp, but then I found out this was a different kind of Marshmallow Challenge. 

The Marshmallow Challenge was created by Tom Wujec as a team building exercise that allows the participants the opportunities in collaboration, innovation, and creativity. It was discovered, however, that students were much better at this activity for several reasons. Learn more about the official Marshmallow Challenge HERE or see Wujec's TED talk HERE

I used the Marshmallow Challenge as a team-building exercise the first week of school. It was a fun way to see how students worked within a group, but also what strengths and weaknesses they brought to the table that could be used during the school year. I was delightfully surprised by the amount of thought and creativity that went into the project, as well as simply working with others in a group setting. Below are a few of the pictures that captured the hard work, followed by what groups felt they did well and what they wish they would have done better and it's solution if there was one. 

So what about you? Please share your best in-class collaborative project your kids have done and the results. If your class participated in the Marshmallow Challenge, we would love to hear your students thoughts and ideas, what worked and what didn't, We followed the highs and lows of many classes via their Twitter feed! Always fun to see what others come up with.

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